Phillips Torchwork Pendants and Marbles are created using Borosilicate glass with two separate processes:  Vacuum Encased - Colored
rods are melted using a propane/oxygen torch and formed into miniature sculptures.  Once the composition is complete, those sculptures
are then encased in molten clear glass under a vacuum to eliminate air bubbles and keep them from being trapped during the encasement
process. The piece is then shaped and formed while in a semi-molten state, into a marble or pendant, depending on the size of the
composition. Implosion - Again, colored rods are melted using the torch, but a gather of clear glass is flattened with this process and
colored glass added to the flat side of the gather. The bottom of the gather is repeatedly heated and pressed flat until the colored glass
migrates up into the clear glass and creates the desired effect.  In this case, the implosions create flowers encased in clear glass, and are
shaped and formed into either pendants, or marbles.

His creations in bronze range from miniatures 2-inches tall to monumental pieces up to 10 ft.  His miniatures are as
expressive as his monumental sculptures...capturing the very essence of his subjects, while his Glass work is designed to be both beautiful
and functional.

Phillips has exhibited in juried exhibitions and galleries throughout the United States and is an accomplished, award winning artist.


Medal of Honor for Sculpture - American Artist Professional League Grand National Exhibition, New York, NY

Silver Medal in Sculpture - Western Heritage Show, Denver, Colorado.

Third Place Fused/Cast/Kiln Worked Glass, Professional Division - Glass Craft and Bead Exposition, Las Vegas,


His work resides in the Dr. Armand Hammer collection in Los Angeles and private collections throughout the US.

Past commissions include Greenpeace, the Macerich Corporation in Los Angeles, Occidental Petroleum Corporation,
and the Walker Field Airport in Grand Junction, Colorado.


Phillips is not presently exhibiting in galleries, but was previously represented in some of the most prestigious galleries
in the US which included Sax Galleries , Denver, CO, and Troy's Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

Art Societies:

American Artist Professional League - Fellow
Glass Art Society
International Society of Glass Beadmakers
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Phillips Art Glass
Fine Art in Glass for Sophisticated Tastes  
Keith Phillips has been a professional working artist since 1978.  He resides in
Alaska and the inspiration for his work is the abundant and diverse plants and
animals in two amazing ecosystems - Alaska and it's sister state of Hawaii.

The intricacy of his work enhances and captures the form and beauty of his
subjects, revealing an intimate knowledge of both design and nature.

An accomplished artist in bronze, Phillips has added glass to his impressive
list of achievements.  He's a Crossover Artist and has made the transition from
bronze sculpture to art glass with equal assurance and meticulous attention to

He's a self-taught glass artist intrigued by the concept of warm glass. Excited
by the endless possibilities of expression from working with glass and intrigued
by the technical challenges of creating in that media, he set out to master the
art form.

Fused Glass is created in a kiln much like a ceramics kiln. Sheet glass is cut and
fit together to create a mosaic composition, then fused at 1500 degrees, with details
added by the use of crushed glass and glass powders. The final product is then
either left as a flat panel for display, or slumped in a mold into functional art
by kiln forming.