The Transformation of Glass into Beautiful, Functional, Conceptual Art

Fused Glass Plates

These fused glass creations are as beautiful as they are functional and are inspired by night photography where the subject is bathed in light and the colors become strikingly vibrant and fade to a black background.

Torchwork Pendants and Marbles

The Torchwork Pendants and Marbles on this site are created using an implosion technique, or formed into miniature sculptures which are then encased in molten clear glass. The piece is then shaped and formed into a marble, or a pendant, depending on the size of the composition.

Cremation Ashes Forever Preserved in Glass

Losing a loved family member, friend, or pet is always a difficult and stressful time in your life and an important part of the healing process is being able to feel our loved one’s continued presence in our lives. Celebrate their life by having a beautiful borosilicate glass memory created to cherish for years to come.

I create one of a kind, memorial pendant and marble keepsakes by incasing a small amount of the cremated remains of your loved one in glass. All of my creations are personally handcrafted and each memorial is created with the same respect, dignity, and care that I would treat my own loved ones remains. You can order with confidence knowing that I take tremendous pride in creating a special piece that allows you to hold your loved one close to your heart.

Dichroic Glass Jewelry and Purse Holders

Dichroic Glass – Precious jewels of the glass world, transformed into elegant, affordable  glass jewelry, in addition to other creations such as purse holders, that are as beautiful as they are functional.

Multi-Stage Sandcarving

Multi-stage sandcarving of glass is the most beautiful and striking form of the sandcarving techniques. This process creates intricate, three-dimensional designs on glass, marble, stone and other surfaces.

The example shown here is an LED lit glass panel. Phillip’s other products include everything from wildlife inspired wine and drink glasses to photo etched and sandcarved decorative plates, bowls and signs.