My fused art glass is inspired
by night photography where
the subject is bathed in light
and the colors become
strikingly vibrant and fade to
a black background.
Dichroic Art Glass...
Precious jewels of the glass
world, transformed into
elegant, affordable art glass
jewelry, and other creations
such as, art glass purse
holders that are as beautiful as
they are functional.

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Phillips Art Glass
Fine Art in Glass for Sophisticated Taste  
Art Glass Creations
The Torchwork Pendants and
Marbles on this site are
created using Borosilicate
Glass.  Colored rods are
melted using a
propane/oxygen torch and
formed into miniature
sculptures.  Once the
composition is complete,
those sculptures are then
encased in molten clear
glass under a vacuum to
eliminate air bubbles from
being trapped during the
encasement process. The
piece is then shaped and
formed while in a
semi-molten state, into a
marble, or into a pendant,
depending on the size of the